All-Rite Mechanical Ltd. Safety

Safety First!

Committed to providing active leadership and complete support.

The management of All-Rite Mechanical Ltd. is committed to providing active leadership and complete support to develop, implement and maintain a safety program that:

  • Is designed to prevent human pain and suffering from personal injury
  • Prevent economic losses from property damage
  • Prepares personnel to care for victims of an accident or sudden illness until professional medical help is available
  • Ensures the security, protection and well-being of personnel and property at our office and job site, by preventing and controlling physical violence and misconduct, theft and sabotage
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WorkSafe Saskatchewan
SaskEnergy Network Member

Management shall:

Establish a safety policy
Provide a safe workplace
Maintain a safety program
Ensure proper training of workers
Ensure personal protective equipment is available
Ensure that regular inspections are done
Correct unsafe conditions
Provide first aid
Investigate all accidents
Report injuries to Workers’ Compensation Board
Ensure compliance with regulations
Set a good example

Supervisors/Foremen shall:

Promote safety awareness
Establish safe work procedures
Instruct workers about safety
Correct unsafe practices
Detect troubled employees
Correct unsafe conditions
Enforce safety rules
Inspect work sites for hazards
Investigate all accidents
Ensure proper maintenance of equipment
Comply with regulations
Set a good example

Workers shall:

Follow safe work procedures
Report unsafe conditions
Correct unsafe conditions
Report unsafe acts
Report Incidents and “near-misses”
Report all injuries
Comply with rules and regulations
Make safety suggestions
Set a good example

First Aid Personnel

For all projects where necessary, the Superintendent will appoint adequate person(s) to provide such first aid services as may be required given the nature of the job-site and government regulations.

The person(s) appointed to this position shall possess an appropriate Certificate in First Aid in accordance with the relevant regulations and must be available at all times to administer first aid.

  • Administer first aid as required
  • Maintain a first aid log
  • Requisition all first aid supplies and equipment
  • Maintain relations with physicians, W.C.B., ambulance service and hospital
  • Assist Safety Officer when necessary
  • Provide health education materials or instruction to all on-site employees as required

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