Shawn Chittenden

Construction Manager and Owner


Shawn has been with the company for over 18 years and has been an owner for eight years. Throughout all of Shawn’s years with the company he has drawn on his background as a Red Seal Sheet Metal Journeyman. His responsibilities are managing construction site scheduling and oversight of daily operations. His focus is on implementation and quality control at all of our construction job sites.


Shawn is experienced in plumbing, boilers, chillers and diversified throughout all mechanical matters. He was the Service Manager of All-Rite Mechanical for four years and this experience helps him to keep in mind how systems will operate once they are done construction. Because of Shawn’s vast experience and diverse background, he is able to help troubleshoot and work out any job-related changes or design build issues. Shawn’s passion is being on the job sites and he tries to be out of the office as much as he can. He is constantly in the field sharing his knowledge and mentoring on site staff. When Shawn isn’t working you can find him pursuing his outdoor hobbies of camping, fishing and hunting. Shawn and his wife Michelle have two beautiful daughters.