What do I do if my gas-fired furnace is not working?

Check the following:

a. If you smell gas shut off the gas valve to the appliance and call All-Rite Mechanical or another plumbing company as this is a potentailly dangerous situation. We can send a gas-fitter to fix the problem. 

b. Check that the thermostat is set to call for heating.

c. Check if there is a summer/winter switch or disconnect that may be causing the furnace not to run. (This often looks like a lightswitch so they sometimes get turned off)

d. Check the electrical circuit breaker for the furnace. Gas-fired furnaces require electricity to work the fan.

e. Check that the filter is not plugged. Modern furnaces often will not work with a plugged filter. These can be purchased at a local harware store. 

f. If the furnace is direct vented, check that the combustion and exhaust air inlet/outlet is not plugged, especially in frosty winter conditions.

If these ideas don’t work, call All-Rite Mecahnical Ltd.  We have service personnel on 24 hour call that will be happy to get your heat working again as soon as possible. We all know how cold Saskatchewan winters can be. 

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